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The Chamber

'Chamber announces 2023 Member of the Year'

"I am beyond grateful for this honour — it is overwhelming to be recognized by so many who I hold in such high esteem,”

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YAM Magazine

'Get Creative with Collections'

"There's a fine line between collectibles and clutter, and often it's marked by how you display your cherished possessions."

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BC Cancer Foundation

'Breaking the mold to overcome ovarian cancer'

“Ann Squires Ferguson isn’t your typical interior designer."

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Spruce Magazine

'Tips to bring spring into your living space'

“Springtime is that time where we are starting to blossom and allow new growth, which is exactly what is happening in nature,”"

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Spruce Magazine

'Creative Community'

To help customers or clients to feel ‘at home’ in commercial spaces, we create a similar variety of areas that have different functions – much like a home. 

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PQB News

'Secrets and Lives with CEO Ann Squires Ferguson'

“Driven, ambitious, sharply intelligent and radically dedicated to inclusivity and equal opportunity, Ann Squires Ferguson is reshaping the foundation of the construction and design industries in Victoria and beyond."

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Douglas Magazine

'Coping with COVID-19'

One of my favourite quotes is “A rising tide floats all ships.” We are resolved to lift others up and find solutions for the broader community, rather than focus on our own struggles.

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YAM Magazine

'Elegance on High'

“An artful renovation transforms a stark Uplands home into an epicentre of creativity. "

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Boulevard Magazine

'The Influencers'

"My world is many colours - My world is iridescent - Green colours my world"

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Award Magazine

'Victoria International Marina'

“The palette of this project is a combination of wood, metal, glass, and stone. The furnishings offer the softness and complement the tactile nature of the finishes.”

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YAM Magazine

'Beautiful and Functional Interior Design Tips'

“A firm that’s known for commercial work, Ferguson says it’s been an invigorating and fascinating new challenge to take on projects for residential clients in recent months.

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Vancouver Island Luxury Living

'Sustainable Design: Victoria International Marina'

“Victoria-based Western Interior Design Group (WIDG), founded in 1991, was selected to design the marina who worked closely with DHK Architects to fully complement the architectural design of the building."

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Image by Bench Accounting

Spruce Magazine

'The Home Office Edit'

“If we’ve learned anything about our homes over the last few months, it’s that it’s important to have a dedicated area if you’re working from home."

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Spruce Magazine

'Let the Light in'

“Trends in residential and commercial design, previously on parallel tracks, are now crossing, intermingling and inspiring one another. Where technical advances were previously more often seen in commercial lighting, and artisanal handcrafting in residential fixtures, not only are we seeing those attributes in both, we are seeing fixtures designed to fit equally well in either environment."

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UDI Capital Region

'Member Spotlight'

“As an integrated studio, completely unique here in the island, we are Registered Interior Designers first, and General Contractors second."

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Vancouver Island Time

'Welcome to the Neighbourhood'

With Jane Johnstone and Ann Squires Ferguson

Vancouver Island Time

'Designing a Better Future'

With Jane Johnstone and Ann Squires Ferguson

Image by William Iven

The Chamber

'Board Announcement'

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Prime Real Estate Team

'30 businesses in 30 days'

An interview with Ann Squires Ferguson

The Chamber

'Business Awards'

With Pauline Van Blockland and Ann Squires Ferguson.




“Acacia Health recently partnered with Western Interior Design to turn a 2600 sq foot walk-in clinic into a glorious integrative medical office space. The interior needed to be completely gutted and re-done. WIDG worked hard and diligently through a long design and then re-design phase. They were responsive and sensitive to our particular design needs and wants. Problems were handled in a professional and efficient manner. The work was of high quality, and their dedicated crew worked weekends and evenings to meet a tight deadline. In the end, we have a gorgeous, modern space that was ready when we needed it to be, and on budget.”



“The Victoria International Marina project looks fantastic. It is quite classy... Your firm always does such a great job. We are very happy that we work with you on many projects.”

“The project went quite well and the upgrade significantly improves the common areas... We would like to thank you for all your efforts on this project. The work you did will stand for many years.”

“I am delighted to provide this letter of reference for Western Interior Design.

Our condominium corporation, Regents Park, has the distinct pleasure of retaining Western Interior Design Group for consultation, upgrades and project management during the renovation of our common area spaces. This relationship continues to this day. Our corporation is comprised of better than 200 individual owners and residents with diverse tastes who, with the talent and effort of Western Interiors, have realized an updated environment that is pleasing to all, timely and cost effective. We have found the design staff at Western Interiors to be professional, open and responsive to a number of diverse ideas and able to resolve pleasantly and efficiently any concerns our residents may have had.

Western Interior Design is, of course, competent, professional and attentive to the needs and concerns of the client. Add to this the fact that they are caring, resourceful and uniquely capable of providing good and honest design that works.

It is with supreme confidence that, on behalf of the Regents Park Strata Council, I whole- heartedly recommend Western Interior Design as your interior design firm of choice.

And they really love my dog.”

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